What are the Fast Indexing Techniques in SEO?

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What are the Fast Indexing Techniques in SEO?

What are the Fast Indexing Techniques in SEO?-ElSEO

What are the Fast Indexing Techniques in SEO?


As it is known, having a website is not enough in the digital world alone. There is an example that I always give as a classic, imagine a restaurant that sells the best quality food in the city at the cheapest price and it has zero customers. Why don’t customers come to the restaurant and eat? Because the restaurant is not accessible. At this stage, if you say what is the duty of a digital marketing specialist, in this article, we will examine how our website will reach more people organically and how Google Search Engine indexing can be accelerated.


Most of the sites that Google indexes complain that their newly created content is not indexed. You have added a new page or product, but the page you added on Google is added too late. The reason for their complaints is that Google sees the site that announces the innovation or news first as a productive site. However, sites are competing to produce content. This is why fast indexing tactics are so important for new content. In this article, we will list the titles in order to speed up Google indexing.


Creating Up-to-Date Content for the Website


Under normal conditions, the more often you publish content on your site, the search engine bots visit this rate and start indexing the pages at that rate.


Preferring Social Media Profiles


Publishing our content especially on Google’s own blog sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and especially blogspot. Having links to some of your content on our website in these social media profiles increases your indexing speed. For this reason, it would be a very right choice to send your articles to these media. In this way, we will be able to attract visitors from our social media profiles.


Using Ping Sites


Ping sites is a process by which you can notify search engines when you update content on your site. There are some directory services that contain web pages. Thanks to these services, you can ping and index your new pages by constantly scanning them by search engine bots.


Changes to Content


The frequency of updating the articles among themselves is very important for search engine bots. Updating articles and content is loved by search engines. Even if you make a sentence or word change in your articles, this will not go unnoticed by Google bots and will affect their next visit.


Comments and Replies to Articles


Comments made on an article will cause the administrator to visit your site frequently, assuming that it is an externally added content, not the administrator’s addition of content by Google bots. So respond to their comments by encouraging them to comment.


Commenting on Frequently Updated Sites


Comments on your own site on powerful sites that are frequently updated will direct search engine bots to your site. As a backlink technique, you can publish promotional articles on forum sites, so it is necessary to speed up the indexing process of the pages on your website by getting backlinks from other websites. Of course, your comment on an article that receives frequent comments on this site will be more effective.


Listing Your Recent Posts in Sidebar on Website


Google bots visiting your site will also allow you to visit your old articles in the side menu on the same page. This will not go unnoticed by Google bots.


Keeping the Homepage of the Website Up-to-Date


Keeping the homepage up-to-date means that the article you will publish on your homepage is noticed and indexed early. The fact that the last products we add to the last published blog posts are on the homepage will increase the indexing process since the page that is first visited by Google is the homepage. Your homepage is updated with diversity, naturalness and difference.


How Do We Keep the Homepage Up-to-Date?


It can be shown that it contains up-to-date content by showing the comments made on your articles on the main page. Apart from that, as I mentioned in the above article, recently added articles, recently added products, service pages, etc. all of them can be listed on the homepage. It is also an effective tactic that the articles on your site come randomly on each page. Since there will be a difference on your home page, the number of visits by Google bots will increase. It is possible to list similar articles in an article you will write. In addition, using previously used tags for articles makes it noticeable in other articles. By applying them in the same article, you can reduce the indexing process in a very short time.

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