What is Black Hat SEO? How to Do Black Hat SEO?

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What is Black Hat SEO? How to Do Black Hat SEO?

What is Black Hat SEO? How to Do Black Hat SEO?-ElSEO

We can call many of the applications that are unnatural in the eyes of Google as Black Hat SEO practices. You need to pay attention to the intensity of the practices you make on your site.


What is Black Hat SEO?


Black Hat SEO are misleading spammy practices made to attract visitors to websites. Black Hat SEO techniques are used to mislead the visitors and get conversions from the visitors drawn to the website or to increase the ranking in the SERP, but these promotions do not last long. Google gives penalties to the sites using black hat SEO methods.


How to Do Black Hat Seo (Black Hat SEO)?


  • Misleading Page Opens
  • Using Hyperlink Pages.
  • Filling pages and contents with keywords.
  • Hacking websites to link to their own site.
  • Keyword stuffing in the background using invisible text.
  • Stealing user information to generate traffic by establishing sites through similar domains.


What are Black Hat SEO Techniques?


We never recommend you to use Black Hat SEO techniques, no matter how many times, because Google can detect these unnatural spam techniques thanks to the algorithms it produces, and as a result of this detection, you may face penalties, up to your website being blocked or closed from the search index many times. Remember, SEO is a whole application that is suitable for search engines, you should act with the user in mind, avoid misleading techniques.


Machine Generated Content


The content created with special bot programs can be easily detected by Google, and the use of synonyms and intensive keywords in these contents is easily detected thanks to the algorithms produced by Google.


Mirror or Duplicate Sites


Mirror or Duplicate Sites are referred to as Identical or duplicate sites. It is the use of the same content in different sites by differentiating elements such as domain and theme within the website, this leads to the creation of duplicate content. This Black Hat SEO technique is penalized by Google with penalties such as duplicate content.


Tiny Text


The small text strategy, which is used as a Black Hat SEO technique, consists of writing the texts in very small sizes and in invisible parts. Traffic is drawn to the website through the texts created in these small sizes, and the effect of the keywords placed in these texts increases the traffic. Another Black Hat SEO technique is the keywords stuffed into the alt text of the images, which are used to drive traffic through the images Google scans.


Invisible Text


The invisible text technique used as a Black Hat SEO technique is used as follows. The color of the background of your site and the color of the text used in the content are the same, so the content cannot be seen. With the intense keywords added into the invisible text, it attracts visitors to the site. With the Black Hat SEO technique applied in this way, it does not take long to obtain traffic.


Keyword Stuffing


This Black Hat SEO technique is used on content. It is used to get traffic from keywords that are not related to the site, along with heavy keywords added to the titles, url, meta parts of the insiders. Among the Black Hat SEO techniques, this method is used extensively, but the Google algorithm can detect them.


Hack (Hacklink)


Hacklink is the most used Black Hat SEO technique. Considering that the hacklink method is created by hackers hacking websites and giving a link to a website they want, you may think that this technique should be noticed by the site owners, but many site owners are unaware that they have been hacked. Hacklink black hat SEO technique is used extensively and there are difficulties in preventing it. Pay attention to the security of your site.


Using Similar Domains


Using a similar domain is a black hat SEO technique in itself because it completely misleads the user and the main goal is to attract short-lived traffic and earn advertising revenue, so the penalty for this will be higher than other penalties. This Black Hat SEO technique is used for activities such as fraud and forgery by using similar domains of brands. Avoid using these methods.


What Happens If You Use Black Hat SEO Techniques?


Your site is penalized by the detection of the black hat seo techniques you apply to drive traffic or conversion to your site by the algorithms produced by google. What are the penalties applied by google?


Automatic Penalty: Unfortunately, the price of doing black hat seo is paid very heavily here. It takes a long time for the sites that receive this penalty to get rid of the penalty, as with manual penalties, you do not have a chance to remove or compensate for the penalty by using the search console tool. The only way to avoid an automatic penalty is for the algorithm to revisit your site, crawl it, and remove your penalty.


Manual Penalties: In manual penalties, penalties are applied as a mixture of applications detected by Google employees, not algorithms produced by Google. When you get these penalties, you can find out how to remove the penalty or how to get rid of the penalty by using the google search console tool.


Black Hat Technique in SEO Social Media


On social media, just like on websites, there are applications that we can call black hat seo to get interaction. The cost of trying to beat a site’s algorithm may result in that site spamming you. In social media, you can use black hat seo techniques such as making too many followers, too many likes, collecting followers using unnatural programs, but you may be blocked by the site and even encounter spamming in your IP address.


As a result Black Hat SEO is:


  • Unethical
  • Used for short term solution
  • Penalties are imposed as a result.
  • Requires low-budget studies
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