Effective Steps to Build Natural Backlinks – [5 Steps]

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Effective Steps to Build Natural Backlinks – [5 Steps]

Effective Steps to Build Natural Backlinks – [5 Steps]-ElSEO

The place of internal links and backlinks in the world of SEO is undeniable.


Thanks to backlinks from reliable, quality sites;


  • The authority value of your site increases
  • Your rankings will be positively affected.


Since search engines consider backlinks as a third-party votes, backlinks are more effective than internal links in terms of adding value.


Natural Ways to Get Backlinks


1) Guest Blogging


First of all, let’s explain the concept of guest blogging: Guest blogging; is to produce content on another website under its name. You can write content as a guest writer on a site that may be relevant to your industry and get a link to your own website. Thanks to this backlink, which comes from the relevant sector and is obtained naturally, you will have taken a positive step in the name of your brand awareness as well as increasing your authority. You can review the points to be considered while guest blogging here.


2) Broken Backlinks of Competitors


By detecting your competitors’ backlinks falling to 404, contacting these sites that give backlinks to your competitors; You can ask these sites to link to your site by stating that the page to which the backlink is given gives a 404 and that you have similar pages.


3) Link Exchange


Link exchange or link exchange is a mutual link exchange between websites. In other words; While the site you have agreed to gives you a backlink, you also give a backlink to that site, but it is an important point not to overdo it here so that there is no negative situation in the eyes of Google. We can say that it is natural to have a certain percentage of reciprocal links and in this case, Google will not penalize.


4) Find High Volume and Popular Content


The first thing you need for natural backlink work: It will be high-volume and popular content. In other words, creating content about a topic that no one is searching for will immediately put you in the first place in the search results. The important thing is to reach the top in a highly sought after subject.


5) Update the Content and Complete Its Deficiencies


After finding your competitors, all you have to do is choose an competitor that you have your eye on. Actually, my suggestion to you is to target the first-ranked website, but in some cases, dictionary sites or wikipedia may be in the first place.


Anyway, we go to our competitor’s site and thoroughly and carefully review the content he publishes. If the content is outdated, you are in luck. You ask why?


It is very difficult for old-dated content to contain up-to-date information. That’s why Google is yelling to update your push-button pages.


What you need to do now is to expand your competitor’s content and diversify it with current examples. Maybe the content you come across has given the important points only in titles. It may be up to you to explain these titles one by one. Or you can create a great infographic or video and add it to your content.

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