How to Remove Harmful Backlinks?

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How to Remove Harmful Backlinks?

How to Remove Harmful Backlinks?-ElSEO

Backlinks you have previously received on your site may be harmful and even these sites may have changed sectorally, so you can learn how to remove harmful backlinks from your site by reading our article.


What are Harmful Backlinks?


Backlinks are sites that refer to each other. Backlinks can sometimes be harmful because spammy backlinks are becoming more common because they can affect search results. Spam backlinks are more penalized by Google.


There are many different tools to detect spam backlinks.


Why You Should Reject Harmful Backlinks?


SEO experts work on backlinks in order to be included in the search results, but backlink work should not mean SEO alone. Some SEO experts obtain referral links from many different sites, regardless of whether they are sectoral or not, in order to bring websites to the front pages of search results with only backlink work. These reference links are made to harm competitors. Such backlink work is detected and penalized by algorithms developed by Google, so it is very important to check the backlinks your site has.


Things to Consider While Cleaning Backlinks


  • DR Score
  • PR Score
  • Sites That Have Turned Into Backlink Trash
  • Nofollow and Dofollow Backlink Balance
  • Ed. Stay away from comment backlinks.


How to Remove Harmful Backlinks?


The backlink work you apply to improve your site may sometimes not have positive effects. The sites from which you get backlinks may change, or if you do not know about the backlink strategy, by adding a link to every site you come across, the backlinks you get may damage the results of your site’s content, so you can learn how to clean harmful backlinks on your site by following the steps called how to clean harmful backlinks.


Harmful Backlink Analysis Tools


  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Linkchecker
  • Moz
  • Google Search Console


How to Detect Malicious Backlinks?


In order to clean up harmful backlinks, you must first detect backlinks with SEO analysis tools. SEO analysis tools provide information about backlinks, DR, PR and spam rates. Thanks to these backlink analysis tools, you can determine whether the backlinks coming to your site are of good quality according to the dr scores. Another important issue is whether the backlinks are relevant to your site. You should stay away from non-industrial backlinks.


What are Harmful Backlink Removal Tips?


After detecting harmful backlinks according to DR and PR scores, you can prepare a link rejection file (disavow file) for deletion.


You can get rid of harmful backlinks to your site by using the Google Disavow tool. If you are wondering how to remove harmful backlinks with the Google disavow tool, you can reject the link by preparing a txt file by replacing the codes below with harmful backlinks on your own site.


disavow file



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