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I have my blog site. I share food recipes. What advice can you give to SEO this site?

Answer: Hello; In order to rank higher in searches, you need to be a site that does not contain duplicate content in Google, does natural work off-site, has a proper on-site SEO structure, and is cited by authoritative sites (backlinks). These are the basic criteria. On-site SEO affects 35%, and off-site SEO works 65%. In the studies, it will always be the healthiest start to analyze your site and correct the mistakes on your site, to identify the competitors that are on the first page of your target keywords by analyzing your sector, and to analyze your competitors and obtain detailed information such as which keywords your competitors are doing SEO work for and from which sites they get backlinks. First of all, you can make it completely SEO compatible by making arrangements such as title, description, headings tags, in-site content articles on your site. You can get detailed information about on-site SEO from this address.
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