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What is copy content?

Hello, how can we check if the texts we write on the site are copies? What is the effect of copy texts for SEO?

Answer: Duplicate content on the internet It is the reposting of previously written content on another site. Today, many websites publish non-original, completely existing content by copying content from other sites. This is an action that is completely against Google's guidelines and copyrights. In general, posting duplicate content is intentional. However, in some cases, there are duplicate articles in the content prepared by the content writers for the sites. Duplicate content causes sites to receive spam by Google and fall from Google rankings. Copy-edited texts are one of Google's least favorite types of content. For a period of time, with duplicate content, some sites have risen to the top of Google rankings. However, Google is constantly changing its algorithms again. Therefore, the content to be prepared must be prepared entirely in line with the Google algorithm and the expectations of the readers. Therefore, the content prepared in a quoted way completely negatively affects the logic of Google SEO. Google scans all articles on the internet. Therefore, it automatically throws the pages that it detects copy content into the background in its system. However, if most of the general content of the site is a copy, Google may penalize the site. In general, this penalty is the complete removal of the site from search engines. This is called a denindex penalty. However, on the contrary, writing original content supported by Google search engines helps to provide positive feedback to the site. Thanks to original content, your site can rise in Google rankings quickly, so you can create a larger audience of readers and buyers.
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