White Hat SEO: The Most Effective White Hat SEO Techniques

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White Hat SEO: The Most Effective White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO: The Most Effective White Hat SEO Techniques-ElSEO

What is White Hat SEO? White Hat SEO Techniques


Search engine optimization is divided into two parts. Dark side and light side. The light side of this part is white hat SEO, doing ethical practices for websites. White hat SEO achieves permanent results with long-term practices in accordance with Google rules. In short, white hat SEO is the person who does ethical SEO work in accordance with Google rules.


What is White Hat SEO?


White Hat SEO techniques are formed by the combination of practices that are correct for Google and do not mislead the user. By using White Hat SEO techniques, you can make your site a lasting success as a result of long-term work. In order to apply white hat SEO techniques, on-page SEO work must be done, then your site can be ready for search engines with off-page SEO work.


What Are White Hat SEO Techniques?


If you want to get your website to the fore in search results, you need to use the most used pyramid SEO technique, barnacle seo, and other white hat SEO techniques. Because white hat SEO techniques are very laborious and costly, they are generally not liked by those who use black hat SEO techniques. However, those who develop the website with the white hat SEO technique usually stay in the top ranks for a long time when they come to the front rows in the search engines. The most important reason for this is that SEO experts, who perform optimization processes using white hat SEO technique, carry out studies in accordance with ethical and Google SEO criteria in their work.


Original Content


The most valuable feature of white hat SEO work is that it is original. An original content that is not a copy is valuable in Google’s eyes. Content containing rich information, different from its competitors, can rank high in the google search index.


Keyword Density


There are certain criteria for the selection of keywords and the use of keywords. Those who apply white hat SEO studies carry out their studies by considering these criteria, these studies target keywords with search volume, use long-tail keywords, and include relevant keywords and titles in the content. The density of the keywords used in the content is also very important. In 350-word content, 6-7 keywords can be found, more of which may not leave positive traces in the eyes of google. We talked about the results of such methods in our article called black hat SEO.


Backlink, Reference Links


You need reference links and backlinks to show that your site is reliable to search engines and to enable your visitors to reach you from different channels, but how should these studies be carried out? Natural backlink work is among the white hat SEO techniques. If you think of your site like a newborn baby, you need to carry out backlink studies by taking the right steps gradually. White hat SEO is slowly and naturally applying for backlink work. Hurrying to get to the fore in Google and getting a short-term result can affect you negatively in the long run.


Broken Links


You may need to check whether the previous links to your site have been removed later, because visitors directed to your page from broken links may encounter 404 pages, which may increase the bounce rate from your site and cause you to drop in rankings. In order to prevent this, you can check the broken links that link to your site or link within the site in link analysis tools, among the white hat SEO techniques.


Broken Link Analysis Tools:


  • Dr. LinkCheck,
  • W3C LinkChecker.
  • Broken Link Check,
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console


Social Media


Social media studies are observed as signals that your website sends to Google. A successful website on social media can attract new visitors and turn this traffic into conversion. In white hat SEO studies, you can organize activities such as posts and questions that will encourage users to direct users to the site on social media, and as a result of these activities, traffic can be experienced on the website.


Increasing Website Speed


Increasing website speed is a matter of interest to page owners who really care about their users. White hat SEO carries out user-oriented studies, at the beginning of these works is to increase the website speed because if the websites do not open within 3-4 seconds, the visitors leave the sites.


Mobile Usability


The most important thing for white hat SEO, which carries out user-oriented studies, is to provide users with a positive experience in every technology they use. Mobile compatibility may enable the user of a website to return and may cause them to navigate within the site. For white hat SEO, mobile compatibility is a critical factor that must be implemented to rank high in the google search index.


Differences between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO


  • Conducts Ethical Studies.
  • They are Long Term Studies.
  • Provides Permanent Results.
  • Compliant with Google Rules.
  • Requires a Big Budget.
  • Conducts User-Oriented Studies.

How will you distinguish? White Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO?


At this point, a question comes to mind:


“Does the SEO work done add value to you? Or is it just for Google to see?”


If your answer to this question adds value to you and your website; it means you are working with a good SEO expert.




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